How to Make it So Strangers Can't Find you on Facebook


Many people are not happy about a change in Facebook's privacy policy once again.  

“Who can look up your Timeline by name?” Anyone you haven’t blocked. Facebook is removing this privacy setting, notifying those who had hidden themselves that they’ll be searchable.

Many people are bitching about this change on.....wait for it.....Facebook?

Yes the same people that voluntarily signed up for Facebook at a cost of nothing.

The same people that post on their page about their hysterectomy surgery and their Grand Dad's problems with anal leakage, along with two thousand pictures on their kids. The same people that tell us every time they walk into a Starbucks and order a pumpkin laced triple grande venti (or whatever it is?).

These are the people that are complaining that Facebook is not respecting their privacy.  

OK, FTVLive is going to help you out here.

Here is how to change those settings on Facebook, so people can't find you listed on the site. 

Step 1 - Delete your Facebook page. 

Step 2 - Never go on Facebook again. 

That's are now not subject to anymore Facebook privacy changes ever again. 

You're Welcome.