$99,038 A Week to Anchor Morning Joe


MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has gotten divorced. Frankly, we don't see much news value in a cable news anchor getting divorced.

But, in the divorce papers, it was reveled how much money Scarborough makes to host his show on MSNBC. 

According to divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Mr. "Morning Joe" host earns $99,038 per week.

TMZ says that according to the divorce docs, Joe's pretty much making off like a bandit. For starters, the divorce docs state Joe will NOT be paying child support, and what his alimony amounts to is a morsel of his enormous salary.

According to the docs, Joe will fork over $30,000 per month for 5 years, then $25,000 per month for 2 years. Joe also gave her a lump sum of $150k, and he's paying the mortgage on their Connecticut home, and the kids' schooling. 

Couple of interesting clauses in the divorce papers -- Susan "acknowledges" Joe was faithful, devoted, and committed." A sentence perhaps intended to quiet allegations Joe was cheating.

Also, if Joe and Susan are both in the Conn. home there are house rules: Neither can enter the others bedroom barring a kid related emergency, and after 7 PM they're banned from the other's side of the house.

Hell for 100K a week, FTVLive will sleep in the garage.