Cameras Turned on Miami Station


WPLG in Miami has a feature on the station's website about what drives people crazy about drivers. They write on their site:

"Ever see something on the roads that drives you crazy? Take a picture and send it to Be safe, don't take photos while driving!"


Viewers send in pictures from te road of drivers that don't seem too worried about safety. 

Or those really inconsiderate drivers that don't how to park, or take up more than one spot.

Since WPLG is asking viewers to rat out other drivers, one viewer decided to turn the cameras on the Miami station itself. A viewer spotted and snapped a WPLG live truck parked in a handicap spot and on the sidewalk at the same time.


Shame! Shame! 

Update: A WPLG staffer says that the picture above is misleading. The staffer says that this was designated media parking at a church where a deputy funeral was being held.  The driver was directed to park there by a PIO.  All the live trucks were parked in those handicap spots.