How you can Win a NEW iPad Mini from FTVLive!

FTVLive wants to give you a new iPad Mini!!!

That's right FTVLive has a brand new in the box white iPad Mini (the picture below is the actual iPad mini in the box)  and it can be yours. We are giving you 2 chances to win and it could not be more easy.


To get one entry into the drawing you need to do this. Follow us on Twitter!  Here's the address 

You then must post something on your Twitter account with a link back to You can say something like:

"Guys you have to check out my favorite TV Insider website! Go to "


"I Love it is my must read each and everyday" Check it out at"

Make sure your Tweet links back to (as long as you type the .com it will automatically link back)

I'm sure you guys will come up with something better, but you get the idea. After you follow us and send the tweet to your followers. Just drop us an email at

Please include your twitter name so we can verify that you did the two things above.

You will then be entered to win the iPad.

But you also can get a second entry and double your chances to win!

To get another entry in the pool you need to "Like" us on Facebook. Here's the address for our Facebook page 

Then just like with Twitter you need to post something to your Facebook page with a link back to (notice on Facebook for you have to put the http:// before the for it to link back. 

Again you can say something like:

"I start each and everyday by going to my favorite website They have all the latest news and gossip that is going on in the TV News world."

Again, I'm sure you guys can be more creative than that.

After you have done that, email us again at

Make sure to include your name on Facebook so we can verify that you did the above steps.

Important!!! if you do both the Twitter and the Facebook make sure you send FTVLive a separate email for each. In other words after you do the Twitter follow and post send us an email.

Then after you do the Facebook "Like" and post, send us a second email. That way you are entered twice in the contest to win the iPad Mini.

If you put both things on one email, then you will only have one entry. Make sure it is two separate emails to get two entries.

The drawing will be held on March 29th (My Birthday) and then the winner will be sent the new iPad. If you enter the contest you are giving FTVLive the right to use your name. We will post the winners name on FTVLive. 

Head to Twitter and follow us! Like us on Facebook! Make sure you post on both with a link back to! And you are entered to win.

If you only have a Facebook account or just a Twitter account then you can still do the above steps and be entered to win. You will just have one entry in and not two (still better than nothing).

Good Luck and thanks again for your support!