Left Coast Agent Loses Some Big Name Clients


Sources tell FTVLive that while TV Agent Ken Lindner is criss-crossing the country pimping his latest book, he's losing some top clients from his stable. 

Lindner is pimping his new book "Your Killer Emotions". Lindner says of his new book:

Your Killer Emotions focuses on the emotional component of making life choices. With this book you will learn how to identify your Personal Emotional Triggers (PETs), enabling you to nullify the energy charges from potentially sabotaging emotions.

Lindner has been making TV appearances across the nation trying to sell his new book. In LA he appeared on the KTTV morning show "Good Day LA" and was interviewed by one of his own clients! How the station let such a conflict of interest happen is beyond us.

That same day of the LA interview, Lindner was spotted in an LA Book store signing copies of his new book. "Shouldn't he be on the phone trying to advance his client's careers, instead of signing books," said one former Lindner client to FTVLive.

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Linder also appeared on Morning Express with Robin Meade on HLN to push his book. Meade may no mention that Linder was her Agent. Another Conflict?

But....Is "Your Killer Emotions"  helping kill Lindner's client list?

Word is that Lindner has recently lost his client ABC Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion.

Sources say that Lindner also lost a top Anchor at Fox News. That move alone could be a big hit to his future bottom line.

Could other Lindner clients be looking to leave the Agent Author? Two of his clients asked FTVLive for our advice on some good agents. So the answer to that question is Yes.

Also while Kenny is pimping his book, we know one of his client's that really could use a bit of help right now. Maybe you have heard of him....  he's a former NY anchor named Rob Morrison?

We're guessing Morrison is having trouble controlling his "Killer Emotions."

Get that guy a book Kenny....Quick!