Fox Looks at Launching Sports Network

NBC has a 24 hour Sports Network, so does CBS. Now, FTVLive has learned that Fox is quietly in the process of starting their own 24 hour Sports Network.


In fact they maybe looking to launch two of them.

FTVLive has learned Exclusively that Fox is going to get into the 24 hour cable sports game and it will likely happen this Summer or early Fall.

Sources think that Fox will convert the Fuel Network and very likely the Speed network into 24 cable Sports Networks.

It is likely that the Speed Network will be renamed Fox Sports 1 and the Fuel Network will become Fox Sports 2.

Fox has been quietly talking to potential talent behind the scenes seeing if they would be interested in having a show on their Sports Networks?

Sports is an easy sale to advertisers and it makes sense that with Fox's involvement in the NFL and Major League Baseball they would have no trouble filling the schedule.

Look for Joe Buck to front some show on the Fox Sports Networks along with a number of other Fox Sports Personalities.

Like we say.... Stay tuned and remember where you read it first.