FTVLive's Love Affair with iJustine

Today is Valentines Day, so I guess I should introduce you to the love of my life (maybe it's like a lust).

I should point out that I have never met this woman (although I'm sure we would hit it off). We're both Internet Superstars (ok she is), but she's just a tad better looking than me.


It's likely this woman is making more money than you and her YouTube videos have been watched more than any video you have ever uploaded (Hell.... all your videos combined).

She works for herself, travels the world and has no boss to answer to. She just enjoys life.

So....Who is she?

Her name is Justine Ezarik but she calls herself iJustine.

Justine grew up in Pittsburgh and is a huge fan of Apple products (hence the name iJustine).

She also makes videos and posts them on YouTube. Her videos have been watched over 400 million times on YouTube. Yeah...that's right 400 million. And you thought that video outtake you posted on YouTube was popular. 

She does videos about everything from playing games to shopping in an Apple store. She is a true Internet star. She has been given roles on TV shows and hosted awards shows for MTV and SpikeTV.

I have been watching iJustine since 2007 and even though her videos are about nothing. They are entertaining and her editing (she edits all her own stuff) is second to none.

If a TV station hired her, she would be a huge hit. Then again, as much money as she makes working for herself, I'm not sure any TV station could afford her.

FTVLive will be featuring iJustine videos from time to time for your entertainment. We think you will fall for her just like we have over the years.

Here is one of her earliest  videos of her talking about trying to get a simple cheeseburger in a restaurant.