Life Off Air: Running with WSVN's Christine Cruz

If you work on a morning newscast, then no one has to tell you that the hours suck.


Working in any news room also can bring on a lot of stress. How TV people deal with stress and life outside of work is as different as snowflakes, everyone is different.

As most you you know, our stress relief here at FTVLive is found of the golf course. Getting on the course is a fast and easy way to clear your mind and let you unwind.

Whether is playing and instrument, sports or drinking fine stay sane in TV News you have to do something you enjoy when you're not working.

WSVN (Miami) Anchor Christine Cruz finds he inner peace with her feet.

So she Runs.....A lot!

Cruz likes to train for half marathons and she does it seven days a week.

she says that the more she exercises the less tired she becomes. Huh?!

"I have a really tough schedule. Waking up at 3 a.m. puts a lot of demands on the body, so staying fit is a way of staying in control, staying healthy. And in my profession, there are expectations to look as good as you can. I'm trying to defy gravity for as long as I can! I also like competing in races like half marathons, and exercise helps me get rid of stress if I had a bad day," she tells the Florida Sun Sentinel.

So what is her workout routine like?

"I do a bit of everything. I'm a certified Fitness instructor and every once in a while I teach boot camp or step class. On the days I don't run, if I feel down, I'll do the stair climber. I do weight training at LA Fitness or Shula's Athletic Club three days a week."

And while she workouts often her true love is to run. She says that she runs 7 days a week, either on a treadmill or at a local park.

She runs about 50 miles a week and at least one day a week she'll run 10 or 12 miles . 

"Running is my therapy. Sometimes I'm having a bad day and as soon as I jump on the treadmill, I have clarity … The bigger the problem, the longer I run!"

So the next time your News Director has you stressed out, just hit the road and start running. It's great for your body and it might be even better for your mind.

What do you like to do when you're not at the station? Email FTVLive and tell us your hobby and we might just share your love with FTVLive readers .