It's 11:00...Do you Know Where you Children Are?

It's the 50th anniversary of the phrase, "It's 10 PM: Do you know where your children are?"

It started in the summer of 1967, where riots led many cities across the country to set curfews, including New York, which would feel effects of rioting in nearby Newark in mid-July of that year.

Enter Mel Epstein of New York's WNEW-TV (now Fox O&O WNYW). At the time, his title was Director of On-Air Promotions (right away, you know this had to take place 50 years ago, as you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with such a title working at a single TV station in 2017). As a result of the tension, Epstein coined the iconic phrase, which would be coined by WNEW personality Tom Gregory at the start of the station's nightly broadcast of "The 10 O'Clock News" - the franchise itself also marking its golden anniversary this year - as a reminder to viewers with children that they should not be on the streets at that hour.

The phrase would prove to be the defining moment in the career of Gregory, who would have turned 90 years old on July 26.

To this day, WNYW still poses the world-famous question prior to their prime-time newscast, even modifying it on nights when the news would start late due to runover from sports or other earlier programming (i.e. "It's after 10 PM: Do you know where your children are?").

I grew up in the Buffalo market where WKBW has been using the phrase, "It's 11:00...Do you Know Where you Children Are?" for years and years. 

Here is a montage of the famous phrase and how it has been presented: