The Moment-Capturer?

According to Tegna owned KTHV, they have just taken the wraps off the next news gathering vehicle of the future. 

The station says, THV11 is introducing a new tool, or, moment-capturer..........WAIT....did you really just say moment-capturer?  Who the hell came up with that crap? 

Anyway, the moment-capturer is called Weather Force 11, and it's powered by powered Mark McLarty Toyota.

Why Mark McLarty Toyota? So you can get the moment-capturer free silly. 

The station says that Weather Force 11 is an off-road edition Toyota 4Runner, designed to be a mobile information center.  It’s equipped with three cameras and the ability to be live anytime, anywhere, and on a host of platforms like TV, YouTube, Facebook Live, or when you cut through all the shit, it's a junky Toyota with a laptop in it. 

Just when you think you have heard it all and seen it all in this business, Tegna drops the moment-capturer on you.