Holiday Mode

We posted some updates for the few of you that are working Today. 

In fact, FTVLive has posted news everyday this year including weekends, holidays and even awful sick days. 

Today is one of those good days in the newsroom. The bosses are all off, so the tension is much less. The main Anchors are off, with the more fun Anchors from the weekend filling in. 

Best of all, the sales people are off. This is your chance to go up to the sales office and cause some havoc. 

I used to go into sales on a day like this and move all the contents from one desk to another desk. The sales person would come in the next day and think they have been moved. 

There were other things I would do as well, but I'm not sure the statute of limitations has run out on that quite yet. 

Anyway, enjoy the next couple of days and let's do some news.