Seriously! This is What it Has Come To?

President Donald Trump took time out of his finger painting class to tweet a video of him attacking a guy that had a CNN logo superimposed over his face. 

The video was from a WWE Wrestling event that Trump was part of. 

Yes, he used his appearance at a fake wrestling event to take a shot at fake news. 

Although the tweet was something you might expect from someone in Mrs. Green's 3rd grade class, it came from the President of the United States.  

Despite the juvenile tweet, CNN totally overreacted just like a school child that was not invited to the popular kid's birthday party. 

They released this statement. 

CNN media critic and full time Trump basher Brian Stelter thinks that trump tweeting a parody video may have violated Twitter's terms and should be banned. 

Twitter said it was not in violation, but that didn't stop Stelter from doing his first 20 stories on his nightly newsletter about Trump's tweeting of a sophomoric video. 

Stelter took Trump's tweet as a threat. It was immature and certainly not presidential, but let's be honest here, it wasn't a threat. 

This is what we have come to. Two kids fighting on the playground with the entire school watching. 

The idea that the President would send out such a tweet(s) that he has lately is nothing more than an embarrassment for our country. 

The idea that CNN continues to engage him and has lost all objectivity when it comes to covering the President, is an embarrassment for Journalism. 

So, where do we go from here? 

That's the million dollar question, but it is clear that neither Trump, nor CNN really care a lick about what they are doing to this country and quote the President is