Gone Fishing....

KOTV Weather Anchor Dick Faurot says you can stick a fork in him....he's done. 

Kaurot signed off from the Tulsa station on Friday and posted his final blog post to the station's website. 

He was short and sweet:

This will be my final blog as a meteorologist for KOTV.  In case you had not heard, I am retiring and today is my last day at work.  I do want express my appreciation for all the kind words I have received from so many of you, and I want you to know that this decision was mine and on my terms for which I am very grateful.  I might add, that I have every confidence in the weather team and the overall organization in place here at KOTV and that they will serve you well.  When the retirement announcement was made internally, the quote given below was used.  Thought it was certainly appropriate and I plan on doing my best to wear out some fishing poles in the near future.