Former Houston Reporter Files Lawsuit

A former KTRK Reporter that was injured in a car accident has filed a lawsuit against the driver that hit him and AT&T the driver's employer.

Wayne Dolcefino filed the lawsuit on Friday against a driver who hit him head-on, sending to the hospital with head injuries and several fractures.

The crash happened April 25 along Highway 87 near Brady, about 130 miles northwest of Austin.

The suit was filed in Travis County against the other driver, who was ticketed, and AT&T, the company he works for.

"This accident is the result of gross negligence and AT&T, through its employee, has refused to cooperate in our investigation," attorney Tom Crosley said in a statement. 

Dolcefino worked at KTRK for 26 years before departing in 2012. He now owns his own firm, Dolcefino Consulting, that provides crisis management, ethics reviews, informational marketing and other services.

H/T Houston Chronicle