We Got 2 Whole New Cameras

Speaking of Nexstar in Albany....

The station has made a new hire in their Sports Department and Nexstar even bought the station two brand new cameras.

Oh boy! Happy days are here again!

Here is the email sent to the staff by News Director Dan Salamone and obtained by FTVLive: 

From: "Salamone, Daniel J" 
Date: July 12, 2017 at 7:18:12 PM EDT
To: WTEN All Staff DDG
Subject: New Member of News 10 ABC

I’m pleased to announce that Michael Barth is joining our team as our weekend Sports Anchor on August 6.
Michael comes to us from our Nexstar station in Lubbock, Texas and he is looking forward to being back in New York.
A Syracuse Broadcast Journalism graduate, Michael can’t wait to jump right into high school football season and the new Giants show, the NY Blitz.
In addition to his MMJ skills, Michael already edits on Adobe Premiere, the editing system that’s coming soon to News 10 ABC.
Expect great things from Michael and Liana.
In addition, Nexstar has provided the sports department with two new HD cameras, so those local games will look a lot more vivid!
Dan Salamone
News Director