Wichita Reporter Signs Off

It is becoming a common story on FTVLive....

A talent is leaving the station because the two sides could not come to term on a new contract.

You can add KWCH Reporter Pilar Pedraza to that list.

Pedraza, who moved to Wichita in 2001 and had been with KWCH since 2012, said she turned in her equipment and said her goodbyes yesterday. 

Pedraza said part of the reason for the split from the Gray station is because she has found it difficult to carry around her television gear because of health concerns.

“I have some physical issues, including early-onset osteoarthritis,” Pedraza said over the phone on Thursday. “It got to the point where I couldn’t continue in the job I was doing. I’ve gone head-over-heels carrying gear three times in six months because I had a joint lock up. It just happened a couple of months ago.”

Pedraza said her heart is still in broadcast journalism and that she has no plans to leave the Wichita area. Because of a no-compete clause, however, she won’t be allowed, she said, to work for a competing television station for one year. Her TV beat included politics and education as well as breaking news.

“Pilar is a dedicated journalist and a hard worker. We wish her all the best in what comes next,” KWCH news director Brian Gregory said.

She posted this teary goodbye video to Twitter: