So What Happened with Comey? Depends On who You Watched

Former FBI Director James Comey gave testimony yesterday and I will be honest, I didn't see a single minute of it. 

And here's the sad part. 

Back in the day if you missed an event like this, you could turn on the news and find out what happened? 

That's not the case anymore. 

If you turned on Fox News, then you heard that Comey's testimony was not much we haven't already heard and it did not hurt President Trump at all.

Turn on MSNBC or CNN and you were lead to believe that what Comey said. all but has Trump impeached. 

That's the problem with Today's news coverage. Gone are the days of just reporting the news. Now it is so full of opinion, you really don't know what is true or not?

It's sad, but this is what has happened to TV Journalism. 

If you're a fan of Trump and wanted to get the good news about what Comey said, you turned on Fox News.

If you don't like Trump you turn on CNN or MSNBC and get the news how Comey all but buried the President.

But, if you are like me and just wanted a unbiased place to turn and found out what happened, you were out of luck. 

Where does a person that just wants the news and not the opinion turn? 

Local news? Really?

Do you think the Sinclair station's gave us honest coverage of Comey's testimony?

This is the company that Trump's own son-in-law said had agreed to give Trump favorable coverage. 

When a major event like this happens, there really is no place to turn to get the real story of what really happened. 

Think about it and then let's hope someone figures out a way to fix that.