Stuck in the Mud...

For weeks it had not rained here in Florida and then the old people started saying "we really need the rain." 

Of course, once the olds start saying that, you can bet your bottom dollar it's going to start raining. It has and has been doing so for days. 

Here at FTVLive, we have started acquiring lumber and are looking at plans to build an arc.

In West Palm Beach, roadways are flooded and drivers are having to use the sidewalks to get around deep flood waters. 

One driver was doing a good job driving  down the sidewalk to stay out of flood waters, but then his path was blocked by a live truck from WPTV. The driver tried to go around the live truck and got stuck in the mud.

At which point, WPTV, adding insult to injury decided to use the driver's stuck car as a the backdrop for their live shot. 

Damn....that's cold.