Sorry CNN, Close Doesn't Count

When it comes to reporting the news, outlets need to do it better than they ever have.

Thanks to President Trump drumming "fake news" into the public's heads, people have little or no trust for the media. 

The cable news outlets are really the ones that are leading the way and making it much tougher for "real" Journalists to do their job. 

Let's look at CNN and their latest screw up. 

Citing a source, CNN's Gloria Borger said Tuesday night that Comey "will say he never assured Donald Trump that he was not under investigation."

But in James Comey's statement that was released late yesterday, Comey says otherwise.

CNN critics used it as a chance to call out Jeff Zucker's network. "The biggest loser here is CNN," said Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. "Comey's testimony proves Trump right, CNN wrong," read a story on Breitbart. 

Even on CNN, commentator Jason Miller brought the wrong report to Anderson Cooper.

Cooper responded: "Those sources were wrong, and CNN has corrected that. But I will also point out that the vast majority -- basically Comey has confirmed just about everything else that we and others have been reporting now for weeks."

Sorry Anderson, close only works in horseshoes and hand grenades. In Today's Journalism you have to be right all the time. "Close" just isn't good enough and "close' is what is ruining the integrity  of Journalism.