You'll Never Work in This Town

KDKA Weatherman Jeff Verszyla has been spending a lot of time on Twitter. Not tweeting about the weather mind you, Verszyla has been busy dissing the hockey fans in Nashville. 

Right now, in the Stanley Cup Finals the Nashville Predators and the Pittsburgh Penguins are tied at two games a piece. The Pens are trying to repeat as Champions and the Preds are trying to win their first Cup. 

The Nashville fans are excited about their team and the Pittsburgh Weatherman is trying to take them down a peg or two. 

In all the Pens have won 4 Stanley Cups and the Preds have zero. 

The Montreal Canadians have the most with 23, so if a Weatherman from north of the border hops in on this Twitter fight, both Jeff and the Nashville fans just better back off and bow down. 

Just saying.... 

BTW- Let's hope old Jeff never applies for a job in the Nashville market....cuz I don't think the viewers there like him very much.