Reporter Called the N-Word Just Before Live Shot

WTHI (Terre Haute) Anchor/Reporter Alia Blackburn was getting ready to do a live hit. Just before it was tossed to her, a person yelled out their window calling Blcakburn a "Ni*ger."

Blackburn posted about the incident on social media and made a great point. Nobody is born a racist, it is something you learn from your parents, relatives or close friends.

Yesterday, I watched a couple of small kids walking home from what would be there last full day of school. The 5 kids were made up of 3 Blacks, 2 Whites and one Asian. I was walking Rory and was right behind the kids. You could see that these 5 were very good friends, they really enjoyed each other and the fact that they were different races, didn't have any difference in how they treated each other.

There was little doubt that any of these 5 kids didn't have racist bone in their body. The fact is, their parents have so far done a very good job of raising these kids. 

If you're a's a good chance you can blame your parents. It is more than likely, they are the ones that taught you how to be that way.

How people can judge another person just on the color of their skin is beyond me. Yet those people exist in our world and people like Alia Blackburn, sadly have to deal with them. 

Here's her excellent post, although she did never explain why Bill Maher has an apartment in Terre Haute.