O-Town Reporter is Sick of the Violence

It got real for an Orlando Reporter that was covering the mass shooting yesterday in central Florida. 

WFTV's Nancy Alvarez was covering the shooting, when she heard from a a childhood friend, who said that her father-in-law was among those killed.

The Orlando Sentinel writes that as viewers waited for confirmation of what had happened, Alvarez also dropped the anchor veneer. She said she was sick of all the violence and cited an incident last week when a man brandished a fake gun at Orlando International Airport.

“This isn’t Orlando,” she said. She said the community would come together.

It was a strange but compelling moment in Orlando television, one that reflected the general weariness with reports of violence.

In sharing her frustration, Alvarez spoke for many in a community that is preparing to mark one year since the Pulse nightclub attack left 49 dead.

After Alvarez editorialized, fellow anchor Jamie Holmes asked, “Are you OK?”

She said she was.

Alvarez noted the unusual sides to this story. The public was helping WFTV report the story but she cautioned viewers about spreading incorrect information via social media.

By being herself and opening up, Alvarez helped Orlando cope on a difficult morning.

“I just hope our viewers know giving them the most accurate information is our top priority. Always,” Alvarez said.

“But I love Central Florida,” she added. “And when this kind of violence surfaces, I can't help but convey what I know many of our viewers are feeling: Enough is enough. I don't have the answers, but as I said on the air, I know Central Florida is better than this.”

Alvarez said she was grateful for the supportive comments from viewers.