More Work for Nexstar Staffers

If you work at a Nexstar station, it's likely that you are understaffed and doing a lot of work. 

Well, at WRIC in Richmond, they are adding to your work load before you wrap up your day. WRIC News Director now wants the staff to write and "end of shift" note as to what they did all day and what stories can be followed up on?

Nothing like pounding out 2 packages 3 live shots and a couple of VO/SOT and now having to write an "end of shift note" before you can finally go home. also need to have your entire stories set up and your stand ups basically written, before the morning meeting even starts. And don't forget you also need to send out 10 tweets a day and 5 Facebook posts as well.

These people aren't even going to have time to use the bathroom. 

Here is the internal email sent to the staff and obtained by FTVLive:

Staring on Monday, your day will be a little different.

You will come into the morning/afternoon meeting with stories set up ahead of time ready to go

You will pitch how you will do demonstrative live shots for your stories

You will pitch digital components for your stories

You will be required to turn 1 package and 1 vo/sot or 2 separate packages depending on the day

You will now be required to tweet a minimum of 10 times a day regarding your story and other central Virginia news

You will now be required to Facebook a minimum of 5 times a day regarding your story and other central Virginia news

It all starts with your End of Shift Notes.

Before you leave for the day, you will fill out your end of shift. You will pitch your story ideas, your digital components, live elements etc. You will get a response from a manager as to whether your ideas are worth pursuing. You will then start setting them up. When you arrive for the AM/PM meetings, you will fill in the team with what you have set up and we will determine where to go from there.

This is all in an effort to better streamline everyone’s efforts in gathering local content to better serve our viewers in Central Virginia.

Below is a reminder of what an EOS should look like.

End of Shift Notes: Before you leave, you are responsible for sending “end of shift” note. 

The note should not (I don't think she meant to say "not" here) contain the following information…  

A quick synopsis of what you covered for the day

Contact information for who you talked to for your story

Any possible follow-ups to your story (including court dates)

Story pitches for the next day (be detailed, not just “GA Stuff” or whatever) (Also, not something off of the daysheet)

Future court/meeting/hearing dates for any stories you are continuing to cover (meaning, if you cover a crime story, you will be responsible for knowing when the next court date is… or if you are covering the Shockoe Ballpark story, you’ll need to include when the next meeting on it is.

Bottom line: We want a detailed “end of shift” note. And, if you cover a story, you are responsible for keeping us aware of any and all follow-ups to that story.

Kelly Woodward
News Director
WRIC News Where You Live