Democrats Want to Talk to Sinclair

The very right leaning Sinclair Broadcast group has a date with the Democrats of the House. 

A letter from House Democrats to Senate Commerce Committee chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) and Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is seeking the hearing on the Sinclair/Tribune deal.

Sinclair says, “We appreciate the senators’ interest in this important transaction and look forward to working with policymakers to discuss the significant benefits this deal will provide for local viewers and communities across the country."

Of course, this will provide no "benefits" for the viewers or the communities, but that is beside the point.  

The senators said they were concerned about the level of media concentration the deal would create, giving Sinclair more than 200 TV stations (it currently has 173) and a pre-discount reach of 72% of the national audience.

They were also concerned about its impact on the public interest, including diversity and localism.

"Senate hearings will provide critical transparency for the many American consumers who will be impacted by the deal," the senators said.

During the Presidential election, Donald Trump's campaign said they struck a deal with Sinclair to offer Trump and the campaign "favorable coverage." Sinclair is hoping that those favors will be paid back with the Tribune deal being approved.

Stay tuned....