The Best Male Anchor Hair in the Business

While bumping around the internet, FTVLive landed a the site "Get Good Head dot com (please don't ask how we found it.

Anyway, Get Good Head has handed out their "Hairry Awards" for the best male Anchor hair. 

The site goes through all 50 states and finds the best Anchor hair and the runner up for that state. 

For some strange reason, FTVLive's pal Paul Konrad (pictured lower right) was not picked. 

Some of those that were? 

WCMH Anchor Mark Taylor (top right) won in Ohio for the second time. 

WFTV's (Orlando)  Jorge Estevez was the winner in the sunshine state, where anyone will tell you, having nice hair is almost impossible with the humidity. 

 Estevez secret? 

"I use Paul Mitchell tea tree moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Their simply straight pre-blow dry cream, and then after it’s done, I use their “M” paste to keep it in place."


We use dollar store shampoo and a baseball know.....if you were wondering. 

You can see all the winners here.