Same Old Stuff

When Megyn Kelly jumped from Fox News to NBC and a new prime time show on Sunday nights, she promised that the show would be "cutting edge" and "irreverent."

Last night her first Sunday show hit the air and it looked and sounded just like every news magazine show for the last 20 years. 

"Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" kicked off with Kelly's exclusive interview with Russian President and Donald Trump BFF Vladimir Putin.

If you were expecting a bombshell, you were sorely disappointed. Putin basically just denied every probing question and said nothing. 

Kelly's show also included stories by Cynthia McFadden and Harry Smith. In other words, it looked very much like NBC's failed "Rock Center."

There was no "cutting edge," the show was solid, but it wasn't unlike anything viewers have ever seen.

Kelly did end the show with a shot at her former home of cable news. The segment was called "The Kids' Table,"  and featured which children talking about manners. The segment was inter-cut with cable news talking hosts and guests interrupting and yelling at each other.

The segment appeared to be Kelly taking a final shot at Sean Hannity and the rest of the gang at Fox News and CNN.