Retiring Providence Anchor Involved in Car Crash

10 days ago, FTVLive told you that longtime WLNE Sports Anchor Ken Bell said that he is retiring after the July book. 

This weekend, he almost got "retired" a bit early. 

GoLocalProv reports that the Anchor was involved in a pretty nasty car crash outside WLNE  studio on Saturday night.

Providence resident and Uber driver Anthony Sionni witnessed the accident.

"I was driving for Uber and was right behind Ken, I saw the accident. Ken had a green light and a car was making a turn and crashed right into him," said Sionni. "I dropped off my riders and went back to the scene and told police I would be a witness to the accident."

"Ken was very grateful and thanked me. He said he never been in an accident when the airbags went off," said Sionni. " Ken looked to be OK. I was glad to help."