Jeff Zucker's Future at CNN?

Sean Hannity and others on the right are saying that CNN needs to sack Jeff Zucker. 

Which maybe one of the first times FTVLive and Sean Hannity are in total agreement. 

The Wrap reached out to CNN to ask if Jeff Zucker's job was in danger?

According to a a CNN Spokesperson that works for Jeff Zucker, Zucker's is “absolutely not” in danger of losing his job, said the CNN mouthpiece that works for Jeff Zucker. 

The Wrap says they talked to a CNN insider, who said that Zucker “isn’t going anywhere unless he chooses to,” adding that “Jeff is pretty popular.”

Ummmmm....The Wrap is talking to different people at CNN then FTVLive. 

The insiders we have spoken to think Zucker has tarnished CNN and lost most of the network's credibility. 

As for his future at CNN? If AT&T takes over the network as planned, we believe that they will kick Zucker to the curb and try and bring in someone that can put the shine back on CNN. 

Despite what CNN's spokespeople say that work for Jeff Zucker. 

We would love to see CNN restored to it's old self where the news came first and facts mattered. 

Stay tuned....