Most Viewers See News Media as Biased

You can thank cable news and Donald Trump for this....

A new poll shows that 70% of the general public on both sides of the political spectrum sees news media as biased, usually toward the other side.


The new YouGov poll finds: “The rise of fake news, a growing multitude of media sources and an increasingly polarized nation have Americans learning to take their headlines with a grain of salt.” Or several grains.

Perhaps predictably, Republicans and members of that other party both see bias in news media — but to differing degrees. More than eight-of-ten Republicans (85%) see media bias while about one-of-two Democrats do (52%).

“Given that the general population sides more closely with Republican sentiment towards media bias,” the study concludes, “it seems that news organizations have a tough few months ahead of them if they want more members of the public to accept reporting at face value.”

At some point the media needs to wake up and say, let's go back to the day of fair and objective reporting. 

But, let's be honest, TV news has long given up on "informing the public".... it's now only about ratings and dollars. 

It's like watching a person you love die of cancer. 

Quoting our President.... SAD! 

H/T Hot Air