So, Which Weatherman Emailed Rush Limbaugh?

On his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh was taking a victory lap after the GOP congressional win in Georgia. 

While talking about the big win, Limbaugh mentioned this: 

"I just got an email from the nationally known and renowned meteorologist from Georgia-6. He says, “Rush, I’m glad that you correctly predicted the outcome of the election. I can tell you that no one I knew here thought that Handel would win.”

He then went on a rant, but work his way back to the Weatherman:

"Now, back to the meteorologist email. “I can tell you that no one I knew thought Handel would win. It was comical that I was getting texts and calls from some liberal group who thought they were texting my daughter. She voted for Handel too. You did a good job on your forecast analysis. Here in Cobb we didn’t get much rain.” This guy’s even thinking the rain was a partisan factor.
He’s a meteorologist, nationally known, world famous, does not believe in global warming, so if I told you his name, he’d be fired. That’s why I can’t. He would literally be fired. Well, maybe not, but he’d be in trouble."

So who's the nationally known Weatherman that lives in Georgia's 6th district and has a daughter? 

Any guesses?