If you Can't Stand The Heat

The heat wave that has settled into the West Coast has news crews a little hot under the collar. 

In Las Vegas, a Photographer had to go to the hospital after spending too long in the heat. 

That prompted KSNV News Director Mark Neerman to send out this email, obtained by FTVLive to the staff at the Sinclair station:

Folks, you are an incredible team. You want to do a good job everyday, I know that. I don't question that. We are in an unusually intense heat wave and I want to again encourage you to speak up when you think you've been in the sun for too long. I can't stress enough your well-being is as important to me as anything else. As I mentioned earlier in the week, look live's are a great alternative to liveshots in many cases right now. But you have to let us know, I trust your judgment. Thanks for your hard work.