Has Fresco News gone Sour?

A number of TV stations, including the Fox O&O's jumped on the Fresco bandwagon to try and get viewers cover the news, instead of real Journalists.

Fresco was predicted as the future of TV news and a station in Alaska basically dumped their news staff to let viewers cover the news. 

Well, it seems that the future of TV news has run into some money problems. People that have shot stories have contacted FTVLive and said they are not being paid. 

The Fresco plan was a viewer would shoot video, send it to the station and then would be paid. Well the first two legs of this process is happening, but not the third. 

Then we were pointed to this post on Facebook from and ex-employee at Fresco: 

As for Fresco's response, according to this post from a woman that claims to work for Fresco, the payments hold up is all because they are waiting for the new app. 

OK....if you buy this (and I'm not sure we do) this would be the excuse as to why they are not paying their app users. But, it still dosen't explain why they aren't paying their employees. 

Looks like TV stations will have to hold off a bit before they start firing their staff and handing over news coverage to the viewers.

It's that a shame.