What the Buck Was That?

We spent a lot of this past weekend watching the US Open. 

For years the US Open was on NBC and you knew what you were going to get. Then Fox Sports bid a massive amount to get the Open and the first year of their coverage was just awful. 

But now that they are in year 3, Fox is doing a much better job of covering golf. 

The one weak spot is still having Joe Buck in the booth. Buck is fine for football, but he just does not work covering golf. 

One person that were are sure that wants Buck booted from the booth is Jena Sims. 

Sims is the girlfriend of this year's US Open winner Brooks Koepka. And Joe Buck made a mistake that Sims will never forget....ever. 

After he won the Open, Koepka got a hug and a kiss from Sims. It was one of those moments of young love, being shared by two very happy people. 

Buck, could not let the moment just play out and thought it needed a little commentary. Mainly because, Joe Buck likes to hear himself talk. 

Buck said that the girl hugging and kissing Koepka was his girlfriend, Becky Edwards.


 Koepka used to date Edwards, a professional soccer player. But, she's not out of the picture and  Sims, an actress and former beauty pageant winner was the person viewers were seeing on the screen. 

As Buck was making the embarrassing mistake, former PGA Tour player Brad Faxzon was trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. 

"Joe, that's actually his new girlfriend, that's Jena Sims," Faxon corrected Buck, "Brooks told me secretively that they were together this week."

"Oh, really, look at you up on all the PGA Tour gossip!" Buck responded.

Or in other words....look at who's doing their work before they open their mouth.