Ummmm......Little Late Don't You Think

The Arizona Republic reported yesterday that KPNX Anchor Vanessa Ruiz’s days at the station appear to be numbered.

Of course, readers of FTVLive already knew that. Back in April, FTVLive FIRST told you that Tegna was going to part ways with Ruiz. Of course, now that the story has finally made the paper, maybe the other blogs will finally catch up to FTVLive. Maybe.

Yesterday, Ruiz posted on Twitter, in Spanish that she will be leaving the station and soon will announce her next move. 

"Yes, I'm leaving the channel and soon I'll be announce my next step —very good things are coming!" is how the statement translates. 

Ruiz has been yanked from the main shows and is only doing the 4PM newscast until her contract runs out in July.

Then again, if you read FTVLive almost 3 months ago, you already knew off on this.