Donald Trump Calls Fox News Anchor for Reassurance

A Fox News Anchor says that President Donald Trump called her early in the morning before decided to pull out of the Paris climate accord.

Yes, the President of the United States is getting advice from a Fox News Anchor.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, co-host of Fox’s nightly news program “The Five,” revealed on air Thursday that the president called her at 8 a.m. to discuss “climate change” — and taxes.

“I think he did the brave and courageous thing, and in fact I told him that this morning ... when he called,” said Guilfoyle, referring to the president’s controversial decision to back out of the Paris Agreement. “I spoke to him about it, and this was something very much so on his mind.”

Her stunned co-host Greg Gutfield asked: “Wait a second. Who called you? I think that you buried the lead here.”

“I know, yeah, the president called me at 8 in the morning,” she said.

Guilfoyle has been rumored to be joining the Trump administration, yet Fox News continues to keep her on the air. 

HuffPo says that Guilfoyle took the opportunity to share her own wisdom on the climate pact with Fox News viewers. “I don’t think this is a deal that anybody should be crying about. Like we said, it’s nonbinding, and the United States is already a clean energy, oil and gas leader. So we can keep doing what we’re doing.”

So much for either fair or balanced.