Pittsburgh Reporter Says Sorry for Leaving his Dog in Hot Car

Anyone that knows FTVLive, knows that we are huge animals lovers....it's people we can't stand. 

Sheehan is pictured in the white T-shirt as officers check on his dog. 

Sheehan is pictured in the white T-shirt as officers check on his dog. 

Anyway, a story out of Pittsburgh has us shaking our head and our first at one Burgh Reporter. KDKA Investigative Reporter Andy Sheehan was out and about in his car, with his dog Bentley, running some errands. 

It was a very hot day in Pittsburgh and Sheehan decided to make a stop at a local business. He left poor Bentley in the car with the engine off and the windows rolled up. 

Luckily for Bentley a passer by noticed the dog panting in the hot car and broke out a window to rescue Bentley from the oven like conditions. 

Witnesses say that Bentley was locked in the car for almost a half hour before the good samaritan recused the scared dog. A person at the scene says that the person that broke out the car window was issued a fine for doing so. The fine was later dropped. 

Pittsburgh viewer Jason Lee posted about the incident on his Facebook page and viewers went off on Sheehan for leaving his dog in the hot car. The post was shared almost 10,000 times and hundreds of comments were made. 

It was then Sheehan who took to Facebook himself and admitted to a "lapse in judgement." 

A "teachable moment"....you're a freaking TV Reporter, no one should have had to "teach you" that leaving your dog in a hot car is wrong. 

If it was me that found your dog sitting in the car with the windows rolled up, I would have broken out the window, rescued the dog and then slashed all 4 of your tires. 

But hey... that's just me.