Out the Door in KC

After almost 10 years on the job, KMNBC News Director Sherrie Brown is leaving the station. 

Brown says she is ready to try something new. Here are the internal emails sent out to the employees from Brown and the GM and of course, obtained by FTVLive: 

From: Smith, Sarah L
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2017 3:23 PM To: KMBC Users
Cc: Maushard, Barbara A
Subject: Announcement

Good afternoon everyone: I would like to let you know that Sherrie has announced she will be leaving KMBC and KCWE following the July book. For some time now, Sherrie has been talking with me about her intention to begin the next chapter in her journey but assured me that any transition was contingent on assembling a team that can win. We are both confident we have that team. Looking back over our nearly six years together, her commitment to our product and the service we provide to our viewers has been unwavering. Her passion for breaking news, especially weather, are lessons all of us will carry forward long after she departs. I am forever grateful for her work, confidence and friendship and will miss her more than my words today can adequately communicate. Thankfully, she has given us time to transition as she will continue with us for another six weeks, and of course, will remain a part of our extended family forever. Please join me in thanking Sherrie and wishing her continued success. A search will begin immediately to find our next news director – a tall task, indeed. Please see Sherrie’s note below.

Hello Everyone,
I have an announcement that I want to share with you. I’ve always encouraged my team to stretch themselves and get out of their comfort zone. Go for it! So, I am taking my own advice. Those closest to me know, I’ve been exploring how to best utilize my experience and keep stretching myself for some time now. I am confident in the team we have assembled at KMBC which presents a good opportunity for me to explore the many options, outside of Hearst television, I have been considering. I want you to know that my last day will be following the July sweep – Friday July 28th.

I will always be connected to the people here at KMBC, past and present. I use Larry’s line often, keep battling, another train’s coming!

I very much appreciate your support and the support of Sarah, Barb, Mike and the many fine colleagues I’ve worked with at corporate as well as my fellow HTV News Directors.

All that support and guidance helped me accomplish many things here at KMBC, KOCO and KHBS-KHOG. I am forever grateful.

We wish everyone continued success. Sincerely,
Sherrie & Rocky