O'Reilly Promises to Expose the People That Took Him Down

Bill O'Reilly is back on tour with his show that is part comedy, part politics and all about him. 

O'Reilly took his road show to Long Island not far from where he grew up and where he currently resides. His show is ironically named, "The Spin Stops Here Tour." 

It was his first tour stop since being ousted from Fox News. So, needless to say, O'Reilly took the stage with a huge chip on his shoulder. 

"In the weeks to come, there will be a bunch of news stories that will explain what happened and why it happened," O'Reilly told fans at a show on Saturday in Westbury, New York. "It's pretty grisly. It's pretty nasty. It has to do with far-left progressive organizations that are bent on destroying anybody with whom they disagree, including the president."

For weeks, O'Reilly has teased that he will reveal the conspiracy behind his firing.

"I can't really get into depth about why I left Fox and what's going to happen now," he explained Saturday, "because my lawyers are pleading with me, 'For once in your life, O'Reilly, could you just shut up?'"

Fox News host Jesse Watters was scheduled to join O'Reilly, but word is that Fox News told that might not be a good idea. 

"Watters can't be here tonight, I'm sorry," O'Reilly said, drawing groans. "It's not his fault. Fox didn't want him to go."

O'Reilly spent the show bashing CNN and the left and sticking up for President Trump. 

One person in the largely white and conservative audience asked what could be done to counter "the cabal that is out to get Fox." O'Reilly said Sean Hannity, who recently faced calls for a boycott over his promotion of a fringe conspiracy theory, was "effective" in weathering the controversy.

"He brought it to you guys and they prevailed on that. But is anybody doing anything about these people? No, because you don't know who they are," O'Reilly said, before offering one final promise.

"But you will," he said. "That will come out."

More teasing from O'Reilly, which is pretty much all he does these days.