Megyn Kelly's Interview with Alex Jones Flops in the Ratings

Both NBC and Megyn Kelly were hoping that all the controversy about her interview with right wing whack job Alex Jones would bring big ratings to Kelly's already struggling show. 

It did not. 

While both Kelly and NBC took a number of hits to their reputation, the thought was at least the controversy and uproar would bring Kelly big numbers. 

The ratings stunt flopped. Kelly's showed pulled just 3.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen. She has lost almost half her audience since her debut show 3 weeks ago, that faetured Kelly's softball interview with Vladimir Putin.

CBS's 60 Minutes which is in Summer reruns clobbered Kelly's show with almost 2 million more viewers. 

The gamble by Kelly and NBC did not pay off and it has now only done more damage then good for both NBC and Megyn Kelly. 

At this point, maybe NBC and Kelly should start focusing on "real" journalism and quit going for the shock ratings that is killing their credibility. 

Just a thought....