NBC O&O Will Not Air Megyn Kelly's Show

Both NBC and Megyn Kelly are under fire for Kelly's ratings stunt sit down interview with total whack job talk show host Alex Jones. 

Jones, is a far right host that has become much more well known thanks to Kelly and NBC. Jones is one of the few people that believe that the children killed at Sandy Hook was nothing more than a hoax.

There is no reason to give this idiot any airtime on a network news show, but Megyn Kelly and NBC knew it would be a ratings draw and also give her struggling show a boost.

But, one NBC O&O says it will not be airing Kelly's sit down with Jones. NBC's WVIT, which serves the Newtown, CT area, which is where the Sandy Hook school is located, says no to Megyn Kelly and the parent network. 

Kelly promised when she went to NBC, viewers would see a different type of Journalism. So far, they are getting shock jock, meets Maury Povich and little in the way of real reporting. 

The controversy is sure to bring NBC big numbers, but at the cost of both the network's and Kelly's credibility, the trade off might not be worth it. 

WVIT made a great call in pulling the plug on Kelly's show and a tip of the cap to any other NBC O&O or affiliate  that makes the same call.