Well...we have somehow made it to another Friday. 

We are 165 days in 2017 and FTVLive is yet to take a single day off. We have posted on holidays, weekends and even days we are sick. 

Yesterday after the morning update, FTVLive added three more stories that broke throughout the day. We FIRST gave you the news that The boss at the Weather Channel is leaving. We were FIRST to tell you that a blimp had crashed at the US Open. 

And we told you that a court had help pave the way for Sinclair to take over Tribune. 

I get up each morning just before 3AM and I spend much of the day working the phones and emailing sources to bring you the news about TV news. 

We don't just get lazy and lift stories with no attribution like some sites do. We surely just don't sit around and wait for the press release either. 

FTVLive tries to be a 24 hour 7 days a week operation, with a staff of one. 

Thanks to all of you that have provided us with stories and inside information and a big thanks to the sponsors of FTVLive that make this all possible. 

Enjoy your weekend and don't worry, we'll be updating on Saturday and Sunday just like we have for the past 165 days this year. 

Now....let's do some news.