“I wanted to get out while I still had a soul"

Cathy Burnham Martin worked at WMUR (New Hampshire)as an Anchor/Reporter until she decided to leave in 1994. 

“I wanted to get out while I still had a soul,” Martin said. “I didn’t like the direction media was going ... It became more flash and trash and more hype and teasing than actual stories.”

Her favorite assignment there was traveling to Germany a few days after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

She's now out with a book called “The Bimbo Has Brains: And Other Freaky Facts” and she is telling another story for the first time. 

“When a gun was waved in my face and a knife pressed to my throat, I did not think I would even make it through the night,” Martin writes. 

The 1975 Miss New Hampshire said she felt she needed to disclose in the book that she was a victim of domestic violence in a previous marriage. 

“If we’re coming clean and saying this is what makes us tick and tick well or better in relationships, then everything has to be out,” said Martin. “For me to seem to have lived this charmed life would be false.”

“I lived in mud,” she said. “Everything was mud, and yet every day I would have to walk into work and act like everything was fine.” There were times during her WMUR years when a security guard would walk her from the building to her car, she wrote.

As for those that don't like their job, she has some advice, “Find a happy place so you can finish your job and not be miserable. What is it that makes you sing?” she said.

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