Fox News Hosts Blame Congressman Shooting on Left Wing Media

The crime scene at a baseball field in Virginia was not even cleared, before cable news talking heads started passing blame and trying to make political points. 

As Congressman Steve Scalise laid in a hospital bed, hosts of Fox News were trying to blame the "left wing" media for putting him there.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said, "This guy was essentially radicalized by the left-wing media. He was radicalized... He digested, ingested this information.."

Tucker Carlson chimed in saying, "there are big ratings in conspiracy theories these days." A font while Carlson was speaking read, "OUT OF CONTROL VIOLENCE FROM THE LEFT." 

Eric Bolling said this, "Think before you utter those blind, hateful words next time liberals because there are crazy people out there taking your metaphors literally.”

On Sean Hannity's show (pictured) the font read, "LEFT-WING ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON GOP LAWMAKERS."

Of course when a Fox News viewer goes off and shoots people, the gang at Fox News never mentions that. 

This is a prime example of what is wrong with the media and I'm not just singling out Fox News. You could bet that if this idiot that pulled the trigger was a Fox News viewer, CNN and MSNBC would be playing up that fact just as quickly as Fox News did. 

But this time it was Fox News that was riling up their base to help spread the anger. It was almost if Hannity, Carlson and Gutfeld were trying to encourage their viewers to strike back against the left. 

What was the point? 

Why..... as a Congressman and others are laying in a hospital, do you need to preach hate? What is the point and what does it prove? 

Hannity went on a rant saying that all the hate that is spewed out during the election season from the left makes the climate of hate even more toxic. Of course he made no mention of the exact same message from the right wing. 

In fact Hannity's rant was doing exactly what he claimed the left was doing. Hannity said that when Democrats continue to dehumanize Republicans...the climate around the country becomes more than toxic. He said this while doing the exact same thing to the Democrats. 

The message yesterday from these Fox News hosts did absolutely NOTHING to solve the problem and in fact it just added to it. 

This is what needs to stop. 

Mark my words, it won't be very long before a Fox News viewer is involved in a shooting. At that point, let's see what Hannity and his boys at Fox News have to say then?

I'm sure the spin will be completely different. 

Both sides are to blame and both sides revel in the fact when it is the other side that does the crime. Why are cable news outlets continuing to try and split the American people and pit one side against each other? 


Someone needs to take the higher road and say enough is enough. MSNBC, CNN and Fox News management need to reign in their people and tell them it ends now. 

But, as long as viewers tune in like lemmings and the ratings keep going up, cable news will continue to preach the hate and Americans will continue to open fire on each other. 

Here's Sean Hannity's message of hate: