Anchor Beats Management out with Goodbye Memo at Tegna Station

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that KPNX in Phoenix was parting ways with popular Meteorologist Matt Pace. 

Pace is being replaced by bikini wearing, Craftcasting Kristen Keogh will be joining the station as a Weather Anchor. 

But here's were it gets good. 

Pace knew what was coming from management and he decided to beat them at their own game. Pace sent out a goodbye memo to his former co-workers that started by saying, "Matt Pace is no longer with 12 News. We thank him for his contributions and wish him well,"

Pace then thumbed his nose at the Tegna managers by telling him he "beat" them on the "copy and paste" memo they were about to send out. 

Big props to Pace for playing the game under his own rules.

Here's the memo, obtained by FTVLive and if we were in Phoenix we would have certainly bought Mr. Pace a drink on us for writing it.