NBC Tries to Buy Off Hockey Fans with Hats

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the stanley Cup Champs after they took down the Nashville Predators in 6 games. 

It's a good bet that NBC hockey announcer Mike Milbury is just glad to be the hell out of Nashville. 

During the finals, Milbury had some not so nice things to say about one of the Nashville players and that had fans pissed. Word is that many of the fans showed up for game 6 with signs trashing NBC and Milbury. 

NBC was scared that many of those signs would make it on air and tried to trade NBC hats for the signs. Many fans took NBC up on the offer, while some held their ground and waved their sign. 

But, one guy waited for Milbury to get on the air and then he lobbed some big old F-bombs that we're sure had the NBC suits cringing.