The Eyebrow Raising Story on FTVLive

On Friday, FTVLive posted the story about WNEM Reporter Andrew Keller leaving the station to go sell houses. 

Keller posted to his social media that he was ready to try something different and was getting out of TV news. 

As is normally the case, as FTVLive was editing the story, we went to the station's website to get a picture of the Reporter in question for the story. 

This was the picture of Keller that was posted on the station's website on Friday morning. 

Now, we don't know Andrew Keller from Helen Keller and yes, we surely noticed that guy had one hell of a UNIBROW going across his forehead. 

But hey, we posted the picture and showing our new maturity and political correctness, we did so without making some funny comment about the huge woolly bear walking across Andrew's face. 

Then later in the day we got an email from someone that said that WNEM had changed Keller's picture on their website and the woolly bear was now gone. We checked and sure enough, it was the same picture, but now Keller had two eyebrows, instead of one massive big one. 

Here's the second picture that was posted on the Meredith station's website. 

Another email to FTVLive accused us of photoshopping the picture to make Keller look bad. We can assure you, that was not the case. When we get up at 2:45AM each morning and start banging out between 15-20 stories in the matter of a couple of hours, the last thing we have time to do is photoshop some small market Reporter that is leaving the business to sell homes. 

Also, if you saw our photoshop skills, then you would know there is no way we have that kind of talent to do that. Here's what it would have looked like if we did it. 

It appears that someone at the station posted the unibrow photo of Keller on the website and left it there. It wasn't until FTVLive used the picture that the station made the change.  

So, while Keller leaves the TV business to sell houses, the unibrow will stay in TV news, alive and well on the FTVLive servers. 

Long live the brow!