Oh Shit!

There is a road right up the street from the FTVLive World Headquarters that will be closed for days. 

The CSX railroad is working on a crossing and has shut the road down for 10 days. That would all be fine, if the road was not one of only 3 ways off the island in which I live on. 

That means for a trip to Panda Express that took me just a few minutes now takes over a half hour. Myself and other divers have to go across another bridge to get off the island that is miles away. 

WJXT in Jacksonville did a story on the road closure and this tweet was sent out by one of their Reporters and then retweeted by the station:

As someone that is impacted by this mess, I think WJXT got it right calling it "Shit"....but still they should not have put it in a tweet.

That was a "Hige" mistake....

Just saying....