CNN is No Longer a Believer

When CNN's Reza Aslan sent out a tweet calling Donald Trump a "piece of shit," many wonder why CNN did not do the right thing and cut ties with Aslan ASAP?

But, they did not, the used to be cable news network used semantics, saying that Aslan was not a "CNN employee." But, CNN did pay the guy money to put a show on their network, surely they could do something? 

They didn't.....that is until the voices grew louder that the network needed to dump the guy. On Friday, CNN finally announced that they basically fired, their non employee and would not be picking up his show "Believer" for a second season. 

CNN sacked Kathy Griffin one day after she held up the mock bloody head of Donald Trump. It took them days to do the same to their guy that called Trump a "piece of shit."

In statement issued on Friday CNN said that they wished Aslan well, but that,  "CNN needs to protect its brand as an unbiased news outlet."

NO! They really said that with a straight face. 

So, in the span of 2 weeks, CNN fired Kathy Griffin for holding up Trump's severed head and cut ties with Reza Aslan for calling Donald Trump a "piece of shit."

Then and get this....CNN bitched and complained that at a President Trump press conference on Friday, the Network was not given a prime seating location for their Reporters or cameras. 

Now, if you really think about it, why do you think that is CNN?