Yesterday, FTVLive told you that WESH (Orlando) Anchor Jim Payne was called out by the Orlando Police for reporting something that was not true.

Over the weekend a man waving a fake gun around at the Orlando Airport caused quite a commotion and sent TV news crews scrambling to the scene. 

Payne in an effort to be first and not correct tweeted out that the suspect was arrested, which the Orlando Police had to follow up tweet, saying that information was not correct. 

But, across town, Cox owned WFTV was even worse when it comes to their reporting. WFTV reported that shots had been fired at the airport:

There were no shots fired and again this kind of reporting, panics all kinds of people that had friends or family at the airport.

Orlando is a very competitive market and the stations there seem to be more interested in being first and not worrying about being correct. 

Sadly, the viewers have to take to Twitter to give the O-Town TV stations a lesson in Journalism 101: