Touch a Real Live Truck

This Saturday, right up the road from the FTVLive World Headquarters, WJXT will bring their live truck to the mall for kids to see and touch. 

According to the Jacksonville station, emergency vehicles, construction vehicles, and even News4JAX's live news van will be in the parking lot of the Orange Park Mall.

Children can get in most of the vehicles and get a feeling for what its like to operate them. Don't miss News4JAX's live news van, where your kids can sit on a news desk set and see how  the camera, microphone, and live news van capture live video and transmit is back to News4JAX to air on television. 

Of course, the way the TV industry is going right now, don't be surprised if a few of the kids aren't offered jobs at the station before the day is over. 

Also kids, if you are going to touch anything inside a live TV news truck, I suggest you bring a big bottle of hand sanitizer.

Trust me.....